Sunday, April 21, 2013

We both failed...

As part of our home study, Future Dad and I had to get tested for all kinds of diseases.  The doctor has to review the results and writes a paper stating that we are healthy enough to become parents. The agency and U.S. government want to make sure we don't have TB, AIDS, and other potentially harmful maladies.

P.S. Future Dad is representing 147 Million Orphans in hopes to make that number 2 less.

We went to our local doctor and had all the various procedures done. We each had a routine physical and the 2 nurses were helping us.
They needed to do a blood draw as well as a vision test so they split up and decided to do them at the same time. I walked down the hall, with the nurse, to the vision test. Turns out, I didn't do well. The nurse asked me if I had ever had my eyes checked. I not only have terrible vision, but I had my contacts in during the test. I went back in to tell Future Dad about how I didn't do well on my vision test, I found him laid out on the bed, completely pale and about to pass out. Turns out the nurse turned him into a practice pin cushion and his body didn't like that.
This picture was taken after he recovered some.

We joked that I failed my vision test and Future Dad failed his blood draw test. After that, Future Dad passed his vision test, without any corrective lenses, and I took my blood draw like a champ. Maybe we could just trade off from now on. I'll do the blood tests, and he can do all the vision tests.

In a bit of good news is that we are disease-free and we passed all our tests. 
This picture proves we don't have TB! Hooray! By the way, the TB test is quite weird and takes 2 days.

The doctor wrote our necessary document giving us clearance to proceed to the next step. Thanks for your prayers as we journey through the necessary steps to bring our kids home.