Thank you so much for joining the journey to bring our children home.

If you bought one of our hair ties, thank you! (P.S. We've rasied over $1,650 through hair ties alone!)

If you gave or bought something for/at our yard sale, thank you! We raised over $2,600 at the yard sale!

If you have just given us money, thank you! Our precious family and friends have already given over $1,825!

If you gave through, thank you! This is our newest fundraiser. (As of 7/24/2013, we have raised $7,000! Some were given to us instead of using the online payment.)

Your donation will go towards covering the costs of our adoptions. (Did you notice the plural? 4 kids! Still gets me everytime) 

Altogether, we expect the cost to be around $40,000. Through savings, donations, hair ties, grants and tax credits, we are trusting that The Lord will provide through His people. Thank you for your gift!

 If you are just checking us out, please feel free to poke around the blog. We try to update when exciting or noteworthy things happen.

At the top of the blog, you will find a page that tells you about us. You will also find a link to our detailed timeline as we progress through the different stages of our adoption.

No matter how you got here, would you say a prayer for our children, that they be loved and cared for until we get them and Would you say a prayer for us, that we devote ourselves to being good stewards of the wait.

Thank you for joining our journey to a forever family

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  1. I came across your page through a friend posting another friends status. Anyway, my husband and I want to adopt children in the future, and so you blog has made me extremely happy. Not only will I be praying for you and your husband and your four children, but I am wondering if perhaps when our time comes to start the adoption process if you would be a connection for us. Also, I am interested in the hair ties if you are still selling them. You can contact me on my blog at I don't update it too frequently--I'd like to more than I do, but you can leave me a message there if that works for you.