Friday, October 3, 2014

Transition - one year

Today, Forever Dad and I closed on a new home here in North Alabama. It was also the big boys last day at their school.
(Ask us about how God provided this house for us and how we closed in 2 weeks) 

Tomorrow will mark one year of the day we flew to Poland. 

Sunday, Forever Dad flies to Germany for a work trip, and the rest of us are going to the beach (for 3 days).

Monday begins a week long fall break from school.

Tuesday will mark one year of the day we met our children and the beginning of our two week stay with our foster family. 

Friday, Forever Dad will take a train from Berlin to Gorzow to visit our kids' foster family exactly one year later. 

Monday, the big boys start at their new school. I will drive everyone the 25 minutes to their new school, drive back to drop the littles off at their school, go to our old home to pack and clean and repeat in the afternoon in reverse order.

Tuesday night, Forever Dad gets home. Praise God.

Saturday, we move into our new home.

The following weeks, we will be preparing our old home to be rented. P.S. If you know anyone wanting to rent a 4 bedroom home, we will have one to rent in November/December. :-)

Goodbye adorable home with a great yard!
Hello adorable home with lots of space!
Is anyone else overwhelmed? haha