Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yard Sale of the Century

We are wanting to bring home 2 kids. That means we have 2 rooms that need to be cleaned out and ready. What do you do with rooms full of things you need to get rid of? Sell it and make some money to bring the children home! Solution: YARD SALE.

Our short term goal was to combine the money Future Mama made from selling hair ties, and the profits from the yard sale to make our next payment of $1,937.

We didn't quite have enough stuff to have a good yard sale, so we asked around.
Back in February, we asked people to donate things to us that they were going to take to a thrift store, so we could try to sell it at our yard sale...
One measly month later, our bonus room and garage was so full, we couldn't walk. 


Beginning at about 10:00 P.M. on Thursday night (Yard Sale was Saturday), we drove all over and put out 21 signs pointing towards our house...
 Big Sister, Keller, is wondering why we are not going to the dog park.

It was quite cold, and Future Dad was a trooper!

 About 11:40, we got pulled over by the police due to "suspicious activity". Turns out the same cop saw us sitting in the middle of 3 different roads throughout the course of the night and decided to stop us. After my license and registration came back clear, he let me go. Future Dad had walked around the corner to put up another sign. The officer was friendly and wished us luck on our adoption.
 We didn't take a picture of the police officer, but you can see his blue lights in the background as he drove away... 

 Here is the last sign being hammered into the frozen ground... We finished around 1 AM.

Friday Night: Several dear friends and family members came over to help us sort and price items. We set everything up in the back yard, and then moved everything around to the front yard first thing Saturday morning. 

 Aunt B was a great help! Mrs. Pam is also a sorting rockstar!
 New Gregg unloaded boxes with the best of them!

 A couple of hours into the process, we stopped for pizza and snacks.

 These people pictured above are saints. 

What you need to know is that everyone left at about 10 or 11 PM. At 1 AM, I was wide awake, a bundle of nerves, that no one would come. I was worried because only about 70% of the things had a price, nothing was in the front yard and I had to wake up in 3 hours! I just closed my eyes and gave this to the Lord. I prayed "Lord, this is your yard sale. If you want to bless it, bless it. If you don't, we will donate everything to the Manna House, or thrift store and your people will still be blessed". 3 hours later, we were moving everything into the front yard.

 Bless us, He did! Our first customer showed up at 4:45 AM and bought $150 worth of stuff. Our second customer showed up at 6:00 AM and bought almost $400 worth!
 My awesome sister in law, (in the hat), completely manned the clothes and books like a champ. The two awesome students n the picture are in Future Mama's discipleship group through church and are going to be fake aunts to our kids. 

Anyone need a handbag? How about 50?

The toys were a big hit! 

We drew this picture of us, on the left, and our kids, on the right, with a dashed line connecting us.

There was a steady flow of people from 7:00 AM until 1:00 PM. I couldn't believe the people!

My mother-in-law was always making our things look so desirable by product placement!

 My brother and friend also helped wherever they could!

I met L, on the day of the yard sale. She is my SIL's friend and lives in North Alabama. She came over and helped the entire time!

This picture represents all the people that helped on Saturday. Our friend S, came and stayed to the bitter end. Another friend Aaron, came at 4:00 AM to help us unload the furniture into the driveway! Thanks friends!

Some of the guys got to sit down when things slowed towards the end...

We ran a campaign.. Stuff a grocery sack full of clothes for $5! 

Future dad doesn't look too tired does he?

 After we were finished.... a total of over $2,600 was raised! That combined with the hair ties will make our NEXT 2 PAYMENTS!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Home Study #3 and #4

Our home study visits are finally finished! If you click on our Paper Pregnancy timeline, you will see that our home study visits were finished back at the end of March, but our actual document wasn't finished until the end of April. This was a little frustrating for us because we felt like it could have gone quicker; however, we know that God is in control of all parts of our adoption. 

Some people have said that the waiting is the hardest. There are lots of things you wait for... wait for a referral, wait for a meeting, wait for a clearance, wait for a document, wait for a reference letter, wait, wait, wait... by far, the worst has been waiting on other people to complete their responsibilities. It is part of being American I suppose. I assume that with the fast paced world we live in, things should be finished quickly. Good news is that our paperwork is currently sitting on the desk of an Immigration official somewhere in Texas. Pray our paperwork makes it to the top of the stack quickly so we can get much needed paperwork to Hungary.

Even through the waiting, God has given us blips of encouragement. For Valentine's Day, Future Dad got us tickets at a dinner banquet benefiting our agency. Christy Nockles was performing that night, and he knew how much I like her. It was most appropriate that the night was titled "Waiting Here for You."

Here is Christy and her husband Nathan on the guitar. She has an amazing heart for sharing the love of God with all people. She especially has a heart for orphans and children needing families.

This is Herbie Newell. He is the executive director for Lifeline Children's Services and clearly loves what he does. 

Our new friends, Z and S, joined us that night. Although we didn't get to sit with them, it was great to have them join us. Three other people from our church came also. The loving care our church has for adoptive families is growing and we are very excited to be part of this budding ministry.